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Perfumes for men. The ideal selection – Collective

Perfumes for men. The ideal selection – Collective



The men's perfume market, still largely dominated by virilist clichés, with a lot of heavy-handed advertising, maintains a conformism from another time, in which a large part of its target audience no longer finds itself.

Because the days when you were chosen a perfume for life on the day of your communion, your first acne breakout or your 18th birthday are now over. Today you can give yourself the freedom to find a perfume that suits you, or even to create a real scented wardrobe from which to draw according to your moods and desires. If it is today accepted that the ideal man does not exist, we believe, however, that the ideal selection does indeed exist.

That which this work proposes is plural, eclectic, demanding and obeys a certainty: a perfume can influence the state of mind in which you find yourself, it can make you feel stronger, more confident, or more relaxed, more serene. And in the end, make you feel a little more like yourself (and not that shirtless, overly tanned athlete seen in an ad in your magazine!) The Nez collective thus presents you with a wardrobe from which you can peck under the aegis of tutelary and perfumed figures.

Project director: Jeanne Doré

  • For men

    You sometimes have difficulty projecting yourself into the scent of an “authentic and true man”, “in all his power”, “hedonistic and flamboyant” who “obeys no one except his fantasies” and “frees himself of any code”? Then this book is for you.

    AfterThe One Hundred and Eleven Perfumes You Must Smell Before You Die, the Nez collective is tackling a bumpy road in perfumery: that of perfumes for men. Like clothing, your perfume says a lot about you, who you are, or who you would like to be. Unfortunately, unlike your widely documented clothing uniform, an olfactory wardrobe is not an easy thing to put together.

    Each of the men, real or fictitious, in this imaginary list, summons an olfactory universe of their own and thereby a series of perfumes which refer to it. Iconic men who will be the occasion for a scented stroll mixing general public and niche references, masculine, mixed or even feminine, aimed at all budgets, all tastes, and allowing for all daring. A breviary to find your next perfume, discover new ones or simply enrich your olfactory culture on the history of men's perfume and its delicious diversity, like a genre in full reinvention.

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