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What does B.A.S.I.C mean?

  • B   like Bohemia

  • A   like Bold

  • S   like Sensory

  •  I   like Timeless

  • C for Creative

LEITMOTIV : at BASIC we work on products that inspire and touch by collaborating with passion and hand in hand with creators and artists from the world of perfumery and beauty. 


Listening, empathy, creativity, subtlety, detail, harmony and aesthetics in the service of tailor-made advice. A broad and complementary universe around beauty that awakens the 5 senses for men, women and children.


“Don’t judge as long as you feel, that’s the first rule. Feel, when you feel, and judge only when you have felt. » 

Patrick Suskind


CUSTOMERS : you are our closest enthusiasts & our greatest source of inspiration. 


At the BASIC perfumery, we sell the irrational: a story, an emotion, a memory, an experience, a comfort.

You are the main actor in this timeless moment.


CUSTOMIZED: a moment rich in exchanges so that you leave with a scent closest to your desires, among the selection of niche brands present at the perfumery. 


This perfume is chosen, it touches you, you find yourself in it, it will be a real part of you.


From this moment of sharing comes a perfume for each personality, care for each skin type, and makeup that enhances the existing skin.


At B.A.S.I.C, you will find a bold and different range of perfumes: brands that favor quality raw materials and which give unique and sublime juices. 


You will find a selection of resolutely rare and trendy treatments, where the choice of natural is essential and organic, when it is available, is a real added value.




The cosmetic brands offered at the BASIC perfumery wish to participate in the evolution of consumption patterns: healthier and safer. 


We can shape the society of tomorrow through our purchasing actions, and well-being products are an integral part of this.


Perfumery supports and encourages brands that are responsible and committed to the environment and our health. Committed with know-how, creativity, and offering all their expertise at the fairest price.




Like a couple, because they are both beautiful together and complementary.
Each universe tells a sensory story, makes personality and emotions speak:  a visual story and an olfactory story meet. 

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