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Olfactory pyramid: 


Top note:Bergamot, Lemon, Orange Blossom

Heart note: Iris Absolute, Carnation Accord

Background note:Sandalwood, Benzoin, White Musk

  • Blue Cloud - 75 ml

    It is the moment suspended on the tip of a long grass, the first song breaking the silence of summer mornings. It is the promise of a new day, filled with freshness, shopping and inspiration. It is the air that splits, jumps, bursts and bursts out of time to predict the next second. It is the resonant whisper that awakens the senses. Nuée Bleue is the faithful messenger, the subtle witness of ephemeral intensity.

    Nuée bleue was imagined as the calm before the storm. In the heart of the cloud breathes humid freshness. We can already hear the tender rolling of orange blossom and the zesty snap of lemon. In the distance, behind the iridescent vapors, the gold dust of cashmeran sparkles in infinity. Soon the musk of the clouds will encompass the tops of the sandalwood trees and the air, in the sweet hour, will be filled with the Blue Cloud.

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