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The Cream of Time - ABSOLUTION

The Cream of Time - ABSOLUTION


With the La Crème du Temps pro-aging facial treatment, there is no promise of eternal youth but a desire to remain yourself, to please yourself, to feel good about yourself at every stage of life...

Our formulas are not intended to reverse the curve of time. If the fountain of youth remains a legend (and with it “anti-aging” treatments), our pro-aging treatments accompany your skin throughout its life to allow it to remain beautiful at any age.


  • The Cream of Time - Absolution



    poets' daffodil, pomegranate, edelweiss, Atlantic wakame

    firms, smoothes, evens skin tone


    Highly concentrated in active ingredients, La Crème du Temps is an exclusive, firming, smoothing and repairing cocktail. Its aim is to redensify the epidermis, combat wrinkles and fine lines, restart cell renewal and reduce spots.


    100% natural origin / 63% organic / 30 ml / 1 FL.Oz

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