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Incense wood - Rosendo Mateu

Incense wood - Rosendo Mateu


The Black Collection, a nod to the Orient, highlights bergamot, vanilla and sandalwood, magnified by elegant opaque black lacquered bottles. Exotic oriental resins, woods and oriental fragrances, Incense Wood is a powerful and woody homage to the sensual result. With a heart of distilled incense, Italian bergamot, cardamom, Madagascar cloves and Ceylon cinnamon, this fragrance is full of character and personality. It is the notes of sandalwood, patchouli leaves and Brazilian rosewood that make this fragrance perfectly balanced, fresh and spicy.


Olfactory Pyramid

Head: citrus, anise, bergamot,

Heart: cinnamon, cardamom,

Bottom: amber, cistus, tonka, vanilla.

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