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Olfactory pyramid: 


Top note: Bergamot, Cardamom, Sichuan Pepper, Pink Pepper CO2

Heart note: Sandalwood, Cashmere Wood, Cinnamon Bark

Background note: Vanilla Absolute, Karmawood, Timbersilk, Amber, Musks

  • Vanhera - 100 ml

    Vanhera is a vanilla with dark notes, an unexpected fragrance that evokes obscure and intriguing sensations... A journey around a unique ingredient in the world of perfumery. This perfume does not exalt the soft and sweet note of classic vanilla, but rather a scent of battle, a conflict between the ingredients.

    In Vanhera, a splendid vanilla absolute from Madagascar, attempts to find a place in a world of ingredients that wants to suffocate it. She is surrounded; besieged by spicy notes of pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, then by warm notes of sandalwood and cashmere, then by karmawood, timbersilk and amber notes. Despite this, vanilla absolute manages to emerge, to show its strength and power, to finally conquer the heart and mind of those who approach it.

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