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An Orange Blossom - Obvious Parfums

An Orange Blossom - Obvious Parfums


The Obvious brand was born from the search for a new olfactory elegance, a new conception of luxury: a luxury imbued with simplicity which takes into account environmental issues, an essential luxury.

These perfumes are those of today, those of a society made up of new consumers aware of the world around them, demanding with the products they buy, and in search of originality.
They are also the perfumes that match today's wardrobe and lifestyle: simple, quality, original and relaxed.


TOP NOTES: Essence of Mandora from the island of Cyprus, Essence of Bergamot from Italy, Essence of Orange Bitter orange from Spain, Essence of Sweet Orange from Spain
HEART NOTES: Petitgrain Essence from Paraguay, Petitgrain Essence from Lemon Tree, Neroli Essence from Tunisia
BASE NOTES: Ginger Essence from Madagascar, Orange Blossom Absolute from Tunisia

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