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T: pepper, cardamom

C: iris, patchouli

F: vanilla, opoponax



But because he’s a handsome guy! That's enough of an argument, right? He has a face, a voice that I like, class to spare, disturbing when he sets his eyes on you and then he is a beautiful soul nourished by the limelights of the 80s like wild nights,  Tainted Love and the eternal and always modern rhythms of Soft Cell.

And then he is a man on the borders and that suits well, so well for our House which ironically handles double nature, double language and confusion of genres like a precious crudeness to wear on the skin; he needed a song of gesture for my friend Roland – I mean a perfume, it's almost the same – to recall his story, that of a mixed blood rubbed as a child in the sun of Lourdes intertwined with the values and traditions of the nourishing land, the Alma Mater where we believe in miracles and the salvation of the soul and which makes good men to know better than all the price of a pound of bleeding flesh between Shakespeare and butchery. And all this started at 18, a small town boy, and Apollo forced Paris, then London, to skillfully capitalize on his beautiful aesthetic and the talent of the hands who assemble and design the factories.

An innate sense of interpersonal skills and the sublimation of silhouettes so that the body reigns supreme since with him as with us, woman is the future of man. There is in his know-how and his sense of thrill a sublime completion of the techniques of seduction, a true aesthetic of combat, struggle and passion and this is well suited to a perfume to push further the Proustian myth of the Madeleine in the mouth, a Lover in the heart and body of whom we know all the tastes of the flesh and the distant, delicious echo of loss and renunciation.

And then, to make a successful perfume at Etat Libre d'Orange, you need a judicious melee between two beautiful souls and Roland suited Daniela so well who suited Roland so well. An alchemy where the best of worlds, materials and talents mingle between France and England, forever linked to each other well beyond a hundred years in a loving joust to feel alive and never forget that a Amourette is never too pretty when you know in advance how life lasts.

“Soul of my soul” said Aladdin to his princess Badroulboudour so that the delight of others and the promises of dawn after the thousand and one nights may always live.

I love this house, this man and this woman’s scent for…a man. A beautiful song from Roland to experience on the skin.

— Etienne de Swardt



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