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Orange & rhubarb cleansing spray

Orange & rhubarb cleansing spray


This washing spray cleans hands without rinsing. Splash of freshness, citrus invites you to its table. Toned grapefruit, freshly detailed, offers an energizing moment to your hands. The acidity of the rhubarb shakes up this citrus shot and falls in love with a woody, intoxicating vetiver. An effective vitamin remedy, this juice accompanies you with good humor all day long!


  • Orange & rhubarb


    Eliminates everyday impurities

    Natural moisturizing and protective glycerin

    Nourishing and restorative organic aloe vera

    Light, transparent and non-sticky texture

    Bottle 100% from the recycling of household waste

    Concentrated at 62% alcohol (Ethanol 96°)

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