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Vegan volume powder refill - CUT BY FRED

Vegan volume powder refill - CUT BY FRED


The VOLUME POWDER RECHARGE allows you to recharge your pot of VEGAN VOLUME POWDER, once completely.

Simple, economical and ECOLOGICAL!

RECHARGE VOLUME POWDER is a volume powder that texturizes and mattifies the roots while absorbing excess sebum. It is suitable for all hair types and is essential for fine hair, hair with a tendency to quickly regrease and bangs.

Fred completely reinvents the dry shampoo technique: an infinitely refillable powder compact inspired by makeup gestures, to be dabbed on the roots for precise and targeted application. Bye-bye aerosols!

The VEGAN VOLUME POWDER allows you to space out shampoos and is easy to carry for a touch-up anywhere during the day: ideal for giving a boost of freshness to your hairstyle after your sports class or before a party.


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