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Fucking Palaces - ORANGE FREE STATE

Fucking Palaces - ORANGE FREE STATE


Olfactory pyramid:

Absolute of rose, violet, leather, lily of the valley, mandarin, ginger, rice powder, amber, animal notes…


It's the absolute fantasy. At the top, the powdery note of a woman who adorns herself with the attractions of seduction - the muffled trace of lipstick, the crunch of lace. Intimate ritual of the femme fatale who has long since pierced the fragile armor of men. Its sophistication is intriguing, like its invisible commerce. Under a touch of bitter almond, like a revealed secret, the outline of supple, fluid and malleable leather announces the following: the boudoir, the hands gripping the moleskin, and the dull, animal presence pleasure right on the sofa.
What woman doesn’t have a “Whore of the Palaces” sleeping – or not – inside her? The one who dreams of summoning her desires to the bar of a large hotel, of introducing her fantasies in the clandestineness of an elevator and of wrapping her pleasure in silk sheets.

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