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Purple Night - Les Bains Guerbois

Purple Night - Les Bains Guerbois


He arrives in a limousine. The rumor preceded it. Crowd outside, crowd inside. He has dinner then goes down to the club, leaving a strong trail of heady perfume. Tuberose, tonka bean, patchouli and amber wood. He goes on stage. Announced but not guaranteed. Free act. For fun. For the club. For those who are there. For him if the mood is there. Concert ! Total magic. Rain of sounds, colors, scents. How many artists, how many strong moments, experienced, dreamed of, that year at Les Bains?

Nose: Dominique Ropion

Families : Floral, Oriental, Tobacco

Top notes : Mandarin Calabria
Heart notes : Indian tuberose, Egyptian jasmine
Background notes : Tobacco Accord, Suede Accord, Indonesian Patchouli

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