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Oud Abramad - BDK Parfums

Oud Abramad - BDK Parfums


Oud Abramad


At dusk the palace doors close. The light marble kept out the stifling heat of the day. You would suddenly think that the garden was calming down and that the trees were opening their arms. The desert night advances under the arcades and the garden is surrounded by dark alcoves. Someone passes silently in the falling darkness. We hear the muffled sound of a fabric billowing like a cape, the discreet sound of leather taking a patina. The slow, haughty figure passes through the silent garden. Maybe it's Abramad. A heavy door opens and lets in a little light. A proud shadow stretches across the stone in the crack of golden light. She disappears. You have to look up towards the seven windows of the palace, open like large black eyes. In the silent darkness, someone stands there and faces the desert.


  • Top notes: Saffron & Ginger
  • Heart notes: Turkish Rose & Cumin
  • Base notes: Oud wood, Gaiac wood, Cistus, Incense, Patchouli. 


eau de parfum 100 ML


BDK Parfums Modern olfactory library


David Benedek, the creator, would like everyone to choose their perfume in the same way as they would choose a book in a library, where everyone finds their own book.


Traditional French craftsmanship, MINIMALIST LUXURY, emotion and sensitivity.


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