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Olfactory pyramid: 


Top note: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Red Fruits

Heart note: Geranium, Coriander, Saffron

Background note: Amber Woody Accord, Sandalwood, Leather Accord, Smoky Notes

  • Nerotic - 100 ml

    Hypnotic, sensual, sexual, erotic, nerotic… Nerotic. Nerotic is an enveloping fragrance, which surprises and creates an addiction. A woody, dry and amber fragrance, which captivates those who wear and breathe it, and which transports us on a unique and pure emotional journey.
    Nerotic inaugurates the new “Laboratorio in Nero” collection, in which black, a symbol of elegance, luxury and mystery, presents us with creations with complex formulas and sprinkled with noble and precious ingredients.

    In Nerotic, the effervescent top note immediately connects to the rest of the composition, which is spread over several levels.
    The more masculine, dry, woody, smoky and leather notes play with the more feminine amber notes, creating a unisex fragrance.

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