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The first inspiration for this perfume was a magnificent trip to Wadi Darbat, in the south of Oman. It is a unique place in the Middle East because the monsoons coming from India end their flow there. Instead of being dry and barren, as one might expect, this region is lush and very botanically diverse: wide rivers, tall trees and a unique treasure unique to this region, the Sidr tree. .  The Sidr tree has nothing in common with the cedar. It is an ancient tree from the Ziziphus family, producing incredible red fruits and flowers. Thanks to these flowers, local bees produce the richest, exclusive and characteristic honey you can imagine. It is widely known as Yemen Sidr honey. I had the
chance to spend a few days there with a botanist and an “incense farmer”, and I came back from that trip with inspiration for Sidr Valley. I created a perfume capturing the different facets of Sidr. Honey and its natural environment.


Top note: 

Grapefruit, Red Berry Extract


Heart note:

Honey, Leather, Cinnamon Bark Essence


Background note: 

Tonka Bean, Bourbon Vanilla, Vetiver, Cedar, Patchouli

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