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Mimosa Tanneron - PERRIS

Mimosa Tanneron - PERRIS


Head: Mimosa absolute

Heart: Hawthorn, Rose

Base: White musk


“In Tanneron, where the harsh mistral blows, a sea of yellow fills the eyes. And, as Albert Camus wrote to Maria Casarès, “the slopes collapse under the mimosas.” So redolent of spring rebirth, their scent instills calm and a strange feeling of omnipotence. All roads are open..." [travel notes]

First imported from Tasmania, Acacia Dealbatawas so popular with the English that in addition to growing it at home, they brought it to their winter domain, the south of France. Known for its calming properties, the essential oil was first produced in the 1940s. In his new interpretation, Jean-Claude has captured the delicate spirit of spring. The great perfume composer transformed Mimosa Tanneron into an ode to tenderness, sweetness and the blossoming emotions of love, as evidenced by the middle notes of Rose and Hawthorn.


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