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Anti-thirst Moisturizing Mask - Absolution

Anti-thirst Moisturizing Mask - Absolution


A hydration bath in 10 minutes flat!

The skin's hydration level is one of the key factors in its health and beauty. The water contained in the cells of the epidermis naturally evaporates constantly but this loss is compensated by the water ingested and that produced by your body.

When losses exceed intake, the skin becomes dehydrated and is more easily subject to skin irritation, premature aging, as well as dermatoses.

Fortunately, the Anti-Thirst Moisturizing Mask helps to quickly restore skin comfort and increases the skin's hydration rate by 111%*. And with its beautiful blue color due to Lapis Lazuli, you already feel bathed in freshness!

*result observed in the laboratory one hour after application

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