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Sandalwood in perfumery - book

Sandalwood in perfumery - book



Nose editions (Nose, the olfactory magazine ; The Great Book of Perfume) are joining forces with LMR Naturals by IFF, the reference in natural ingredients for the perfume industry, and offering a unique collection of its kind: “Les Cahiers des naturel”.


    Known for three thousand years, sandalwood is today a rare tree, which now grows mainly in Australia and New Caledonia, where its culture is preserved. Its wood is one of the most precious in the world, and its essence, with its warm, woody, milky and creamy scent, is one of the most expensive in the perfumer's palette.

    Embark for the Pacific to discover this wood with a golden heart: botany, history, literature, agriculture, chemistry, without forgetting perfumes and perfumers.

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