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Hydration Mask - CUT BY FRED

Hydration Mask - CUT BY FRED


VEGAN HYDRATION MASK is a vegan hydrating mask. No more dry and dull hair, and above all welcome the mask with organic vegetable oils that is good for the hair and the planet!
They nourish the hair and give it softness and shine. Its 100% natural almond scent will accompany you while you leave it and will remind you of childhood moments.

Give your hair a fresh start WITHOUT weighing it down or making it greasy.

Organic jojoba oil nourishes, hydrates and provides suppleness and shine.
Organic sweet almond oil nourishes, protects against dryness and activates the repair of the hair fiber.
Organic coconut oil smoothes and provides lipids to dry ends.
Castor oil which deeply repairs and tones the hair fiber.
Aloe leaf juice which softens and repairs.
Organic bitter almond essential oil gives an elegant and unique note to VEGAN HYDRATION MASK.

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