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Fat Electrician - ORANGE FREE STATE

Fat Electrician - ORANGE FREE STATE


Olfactory pyramid: Vetiver, chestnut cream accord, olive leaves, vanilla, opoponax, myrrh…


Her beauty could have been an asset. We imagined him raised in the great outdoors of Texas, his downy skin rubbed against ears of wheat, his curled eyelashes fighting gracefully against a blinding sun. A Macadam Cowboy lost on city asphalt. A fisherman without a net, he was made to bite the hooks of others, believe in his luck without ever seizing it, wreak havoc and forget those of time. Youth for painted women, substance for late night parties or a walk in the park for the wealthy of Palm Beach, its splendor was consumed in the service of others.

Having become a Fat Electrician in his home in New Jersey, he put his talent into his decline. To celebrate this unconverted beauty, a splendid vetiver was needed. An ode to vintage eroticism. Antoine Maisondieu wanted it white, metallic, silver like the ancestral green of olive leaves. But also sweet, regressive, addictive like a chestnut cream - vanilla pod, opoponax and myrrh in base notes. Extremely concentrated, resinous, raw as can be, it had to express a contrasting sensuality. Because all beauty carries within it the announcement of its finitude.

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