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Exploud - Laboratorio Olfattivo

Exploud - Laboratorio Olfattivo


T: pepper, nutmeg;

C: vetiver, patchouli

F: sandalwood, oud wood, ambergris


“ExpLOud marks the start of a new collaborative adventure: Laboratorio Olfattivo enters into synergy with Pierre Guéros, fragrance creator for Symrise. A great traveler, this connoisseur of the Middle East is driven by the humanity, sensitivity and curiosity specific to those who have traveled the world and constantly seek contact with different cultures. From our first meeting, he seduced us. Without hesitation, we entrusted him with the mission of giving substance to “our vision” of Oud. This is how ExpLOud was born, a true olfactory explosion of a precious Oud that is anything but dark. Bringing light, this fragrance with floral notes highlights and reinterprets the aromatic traits of a unique raw material which has already been the subject of numerous commercial representations. Roberto Drago.



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