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Spade Soul - EVODY

Spade Soul - EVODY



Bergamot, Pear accord, Blackcurrant leaves

Absolute and essence of Rose, Raspberry, Saffron

Cashmere wood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla

  • The queen of flowers

    D'âme de Pique celebrates this raw material omnipresent in the valley of roses. We explored the different faces of the Queen of Flowers.

    D'âme de Pique opens with a green and sparkling touch brought by blackcurrant leaves in alliance with a pear accord.

    At the heart, the rose is in the spotlight. The essences and rose absolute are highlighted by an intoxicating sweet raspberry.

    The milky and delicious notes of sandalwood and vanilla absolute in contrast with sun-dried patchouli adorn this great lady with a unique sensuality.

    This collection is a tribute to escape, to the riches that nature offers, to the diversity of cultures.

    Through the fragrances of the Collection d’Ailleurs, the creators will offer their interpretation of the most distant places.

    Olfactory paintings that combine two passions of this mother/daughter duo
    formed by Régine and Cérine: travel and, of course, perfume…

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