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Gale - The Galleon

Gale - The Galleon

190,00 €Price

Initial creation in 1938 by Paul Vacher
New creation by Rodrigo Flores-Roux / GIVAUDAN

Having known the Bourrasque perfume created by Paul Vacher in 1937, Rodrigo Flores Roux admits to being inspired by the idea of reinventing this  violent gust of wind, which occurs suddenly, this tornado in the metaphorical and poetic sense. This energetic, passionate, almost sexual or animal breath. A perfume that had to be strong, strong, strong... It creates an initially chypre composition, capturing a strong hold of woody notes, crowned with intense floral notes. Followed by a thorny rose, an explosive osmanthus, a flower from India, unknown elsewhere... shades of wet earth, referring to the storm that is coming with a crash. A deep animality, dressed in leather, leaves its wake as desirable as it is disturbing. Keep the innocent out of doors.

Olfactory Pyramid
Top notes / Tree “Rain of Flowers” (Parijata, Nyctanthes arbor-tristis), Bouquet of Italian hesperides, Ginger, Cardamom, Chili pepper;

Heart Notes / Bulgarian Rose, Osmanthus, Wild Strawberry, Styrax, Opoponax

Base notes / Patchouli, “Petrichor” accord, African stone (Hyraceum), Oakmoss, Cistus Concrete Spain, Oak infusion

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