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Bouquet of Hungary - BDK Parfums

Bouquet of Hungary - BDK Parfums


Perfumes - Bouquet of Hungary


Floral, fresh, delicate and sensual.


She gets ready. It's a beautiful day. The sky is blue. She places her bare feet on her parquet floor and like a dancer begins to walk down the mirrored aisle that leads to the dressing table. It's one of his favorite places. favorites. She likes to look beautiful there. There is a bouquet of flowers from the garden right next to it and his hands seem to be going all around.


  • Top notes: strawberry pear blackcurrant.
  • Heart notes: Turkish rose absolute & jasmine samba.
  • Base notes: cedarwood, white musk & amber.


eau de parfum 100 ML.


BDK Parfums Modern olfactory library 


David Benedek, the creator, would like everyone to choose their perfume in the same way as they would choose a book in a library, where everyone finds their own book. 

Traditional French craftsmanship, MINIMALIST LUXURY, emotion and sensitivity.

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