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Arancia Di Sicilia - Perris Monte Carlo

Arancia Di Sicilia - Perris Monte Carlo


T: Sicilian orange

C: vanilla, almond, cinnamon

F: amber, musk 


Sanguinella is grown on the slopes of Etna, it is an intense red color, its complex and aromatic sweetness constitutes an exceptional oil.

The extraction of essential oil is carried out in several methods: firstly the oil is extracted without coming into contact with the juice intended for drinks, the 2nd method consists of extracting the whole fruit by passing it through a press which allows the oil from its skin to be mixed with the juice. Then the juice is separated from the suspension and finally a centrifuge separates the oil from the juice.

A tribute to the flavors and aromas of the Island, Arancia di Sicilia reminds us of the warm atmosphere of Sicilian mornings, the flavor of invigorating orange juice and the sweetness of pure candy.

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