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She was an Anomaly - ORANGE FREE STATE

She was an Anomaly - ORANGE FREE STATE


Olfactory pyramid:

T: tangerine

C: orchid, plum

F: iris, white musk, sandalwood



She was an anomaly, the birth of a perfume.

A few years ago, I went to the cinema almost backwards to celebrate my daughter's birthday with her girlfriends. We were going to see a turnip with popcorn, do you want some here to make the very handsome dad who gives in to everything. I like watching commercials and trailers, which are often more enriching than the film itself.

We see the spirit of the times, we see other films more quickly without suffering the lengths. That day, I saw the trailer for a documentary about the singer Nina Simone, which began with the voice-over of Lisa Simone, her daughter, saying of her mother: “My mother ? My mother? She was an Anomaly, she was loved, she was brilliant…” all on images of Nina Simone, between joy and suffering, the price of extreme talent. And there, despite the noise of the pre-teens next to me and their greedily masticated popcorn, yes, there, suddenly, is the encounter with a word: Anomaly, where I am struck by lightning by the emotion so well felt to express the talent.
Then this word makes its electrical path in my mind. And the next day, for the Orange Free State, I protected the name Anomaly, certain of its strength and convinced to do something with it.

At the same time, I dreamed of making a tribute to Stanley Kubrick for the fiftieth anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey, fascinated and terrorized like everyone else by this HAL 9000 and its tragic “computer malfunction” which decimated an entire crew in the space of the late 60s, an anomaly too.

And then the months passed, the years too, three years now. And I was wrong. But the creative incident is always good. I made a mistake not by going to see Daniela Andrier with this Anomaly in mind and talking to her about hazards, the alliance of man and nature. the machine, of this Dave Bowman astronaut or perfumer, whatever, and this Hal 9000 which becomes Carto * ; no, there, the journey was fair and good, and Daniela always saves you with her immense talent. I was wrong about the word Anomaly, because the emotion was not on the single word; the emotion was a conjunction of two other things, the "she" which feminizes it and the past which gives it this scent of universal tragedy borrowed from Greek mythology. In fact, that's all the expression with which I was unknowingly in love and which was there under my nose; It took me three years to understand. Here, this perfume was missing, it signals a singularity, a gap. I needed this perfume.

The anomaly is also above all the Free State of Orange and its journey since 2006 outside the norm, the agreed and the expected, an olfactory stroll on the paths less traveled to favor audacity, sincerity, the opposite, and all diluted with the essence of sabotage. Here once again, nothing is forgotten.



“This perfume is the result of something unexpected. I played with Carto*, entrusting him with beloved and familiar subjects. Carto suggested an overdose of two ingredients. I took care of the rest.” 


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