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Tropical Nourishing Body Butter - Evolve

Tropical Nourishing Body Butter - Evolve


The monoi of Tahiti , considered the sacred oil of the Polynesians, is made by maceration of thousands of Tahitian gardenia flowers in coconut oil. It has restorative and anti-oxidant properties. It leaves the skin hydrated, soft and flexible.

Shea butter , the skin superfood extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, is an instant aid for dry skin. It is a powerful moisturizer and has healing properties due to its richness in unsaturated fats, essential fatty acids, vitamins E and D and provitamin A.


size: 120ML

% Natural 100.00%

% Organic 92.82%

  • Ultra nourishing Monoï & coconut butter

    This gentle organic body butter contains nourishing organic shea butter and natural Tahitian coconut monoi macerated in exotic gardenia flowers. Leaves skin smooth, soft and scented with exotic natural hibiscus.

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